“Ad network and analytics firm Chitika claims it has seen no significant increase in iOS 6 adoption in the U.S. and Canada,” Jordan Golson reports for MacRumors. “A company analyst believes the MoPub data (which was international, rather than domestic) we wrote about earlier today was affected by the recent launch of the iPhone 5 in China, rather than the release of Google Maps.”

Golson reports, “Chitika’s data — which only looks at data from the U.S. and Canada, rather than the international data that MoPub examined — [shows] the iOS 6 adoption slope following the release of Google Maps for iOS remains practically unchanged from before the release, suggesting that suggesting a sea change in iOS 6 adoption rates resulting from Google Maps release is inaccurate.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Almost always being right when it comes to Apple is a curse we’ll have to bear:

Bzzt! This fails our logic sensors. It’s a bit too much for us to believe that so many users would hold off on all of the iOS 6 goodies simply due to a whole bunch of Maps FUD (some issues, yes, but 95% of the debacle was concocted FUD amplified beyond recognition in the Internet echo chamber).

Logically, you’d think that if these maps addicts were savvy enough to hold off on a major iOS upgrade over some perceived issue, they’d easily have had the fortitude to simply visit Google Maps via Safari, tap “Add to Home Screen,” and then proceed to update iOS as usual. For that reason alone, we’re not buying it.MacDailyNews, commenting on the idea that the release of Google Maps for iPhone was the impetus behind the iOS 6 surge shown in MoPub’s data, December 19, 2012/blockquote>

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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