“When investment firm Piper Jaffray initially tested Siri in June, its list of common queries found that Google was responsible for about 60 percent of the data returned,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “Now, with iOS 6, Google is responsible for only 30 percent of the data.”

“The latest tests also found evidence of behind-the-scenes improvements to Siri, though the changes have been slight,” Hughes reports. “In iOS 5, Siri understood 89 percent of queries spoke in a quiet environment, while that improved to 91 percent in iOS 6, while 76 percent of queries were answered correctly in iOS 5 and that improved to 77 percent with iOS 6.”

Hughes reports, “Since Piper Jaffray’s first Siri test, Google has launched its own voice-driven assistant service, dubbed Google Now. For the latest test, Google Now was included to offer a head-to-head comparison with Siri, and found that Apple’s service has a very slight advantage… Munster wrote, ‘In our test, Siri correctly understood our queries 91% of the time in a quiet environment compared to Google Now at 88%. In terms of accuracy, we determined that Siri accurately answered understood queries 77% of the time compared to 75% for Google Now.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews, March 09, 2010