“Following the dizzying ups and downs of 2012, investors may be hoping for a little less drama from Apple stock in 2013,” David Zeiler writes for Money Morning. “While 2013 figures to be a very different year for Apple Inc. (AAPL), don’t plan on the ride getting much smoother.”

“With 2012 annual revenue at $156.5 billion and annual profit at almost $42 billion, Apple’s biggest challenge heading into 2013 is figuring out how to add meaningful growth,” Zeiler writes. “For example, when Apple reports earnings on Jan. 24, you won’t see a repeat of last year’s incredible December quarter year-over-year revenue growth of 73% and profit growth of 118%.”

Zeiler writes, “Indeed, Apple stock throughout 2013 will face difficult year-over-year comparisons as each quarter goes up against 2012’s record numbers. AAPL is now officially a victim of its own success.”

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