“Amazon’s Kindle Fire is not selling as well as expected, says Pacific Crest analyst Chad Bartley,” Jay Yarow reports for Business Insider. “Bartley is cutting his estimate for the holiday quarter to 6 million units, down from 8 million, according to Tiernan Ray at Barron’s who has the note.”

“For next year, he’s projecting sales of just 10.5 million units, down from his previous estimate of 12.5 million,” Yarow reports. “Why is Bartley calling for such a low 2013 prediction? He tells Ray over email that demand for the Kindle Fire is very weak and ‘the Fire seems to be a highly seasonal item.'”

Yarow reports, “This is something we observed last year… We called the Kindle Fire the ‘fruitcake of tablets.’ A lot of people bought Kindle Fires during the holidays because they were relatively inexpensive, but nice-seeming presents. But when it was time to buy a tablet for themselves, they didn’t buy a Fire because it’s not actually all that good.”

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MacDailyNews Take: People don’t want pretend iPads or iPad minis. The want real iPads and iPad minis.

Don’t give iPad roadkill as a Christmas present unless you hate the recipient.

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