“Until Apple releases whatever Apple TV device it has in the works, most of what is said about it from outsiders is pretty much speculation,” Tim Bajarin writes for TIME Magazine. “However, I do believe that given Apple’s history with the current Apple TV box and its other Mac and iOS products, there are some guidelines we can use to help us think about what Apple might be doing around the reinvention of the TV.”

“While Apple does hardware, the purpose of the hardware is really to showcase the genius of Apple’s software,” Bajarin writes. “With that in mind, here are four guiding principles that I believe Apple will use when creating whatever next-gen TV experience the company plans to deliver to customers in the future.”

Four guiding principles for understanding Apple’s TV strategy:
• An Apple TV will be personal
• Apple TV will be social
• Apple TV will be interactive
• Apple TV will revolutionize television advertising

The four bullet points above are explored in greater detail in the full article here.