“Famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen believes there is one major difference between Tim Cook and Steve Jobs: a desire for market share,” Don Reisinger reports for CNET.

“Speaking last night at an event in New York City, Andreessen said that Jobs’ ‘single playbook’ was to ‘invent a new product category, start with 100 percent market share, and then every day that goes by, lose market share until some terminal outcome,'” Reisinger reports. “Andreessen argues that Steve Jobs didn’t care about that. Instead, he focused on a ‘pricing umbrella”‘ that kept Apple’s margins propped up even as market share started to fall.”

Reisinger reports, “Since taking over the CEO role at Apple last year, Cook has seemingly followed a different strategy… The VC pointed to the new iPad Mini, which reportedly comes with smaller margins than its larger counterpart, as proof that Cook is willing to reduce margins in exchange for market share.”

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