Phillip ELmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune that Venture capitalist Roger McNamee recently participated in a 21-minute interview with Bloomberg News‘ Deirdre Bolton.

Some snippets of interest:

• “Android has been managed essentially to make it a profitless prosperity. Right now, if Google is not careful, Android will be Samsung or Samsung will be Android.”

• “There is nothing wrong with Android as a product except that it does not do much. It is the equivalent of having a motor scooter at the Indianapolis 500.”

• “The notion that the Android is an equivalent to the iPhone is silly. Apple’s ecosystem and the way everything works together makes it a radically better product.”

• “Right now, 90% of the people are buying Androids are buying it because it is cheap. That is all. There is no brand loyalty and negligible profits.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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