“It should have been another great year as Apple [AAPL] emerged from mourning the loss of its great leader, Steve Jobs, equipped with a raft of exciting new product ideas — but sadly 2012 became Apple’s annus horribilis,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, is an operations man who ‘gets’ the importance of good product design, but don’t hold that against him: he’s absolutely committed to the company he now leads, but even he must be feeling the weight of 12-months of negative publicity thrown at the firm,” Evans writes. “Even this morning the company’s mapping service is under fire as Australian police warn that its inaccuracies can place lives at risk. That’s after months of criticism for the service’s problems, criticism which led to the ouster of iOS chief, Scott Forstall and a series of public apologies by Cook.”

Evans writes, “As the company status changes from that of media darling to media whipping boy, its public profile is under attack, giving its many competitors a little breathing room. And slashing its stock values.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Much ado about nothing.

Apple’s “horrible year”saw it become the world’s most valuable company as it obliterated all-time company records revenue and profits and launched new versions and models of all of it’s most popular products. More, please.

If 2012 was Apple’s “annus horribilis,” the Cupertino Colossus’ would-be competitors are doomed.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]