“After tiptoeing out of the long shadow of Steve Jobs this last year, Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook took a giant leap into the spotlight this week,” Chris O’Brien reports for The Los Angeles Times. “In a kind of transparency rarely practiced by his enigmatic predecessor, Cook granted a pair of candid interviews that underscored the difference in both style and substance between the two men.”

“‘He’s the kinder, gentler Apple,’ said Carl Howe, a longtime Apple analyst for market advisory firm International Data Corp.,” O’Brien reports. “‘This is a big, multinational corporation. I think Tim has done a better job of recognizing that,’ Howe said. ‘Jobs could remember when it was just three guys in a garage. When you get to be one of the largest companies in the world, you need a different skill set.'”

O’Brien reports, “‘I think we all miss Steve,’ says Regis McKenna, the Silicon Valley marketing legend who began working with Apple in its earliest days. ‘He was such an unusual dynamic character that it seemed that Tim would always be in his shadow. But when you start running a billion-dollar company, you have a responsibility to meet with analysts, journalists and a public to keep the company’s image alive and strong. Tim Cook is his own person and we’re all starting to finally see that..”

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