“Let’s ignore the latest stock-market gyrations that have sent Apple’s share price spinning, and focus instead on some of the company’s fundamentals,” Bob Evans writes for Forbes.

“Just 26 months ago, Steve Jobs joined Apple’s quarterly earnings call to commemorate the company’s first $20-billion quarter,” Evans writes. “And next month, little more than 2 years after what was then a momentous occasion, Apple will announce its first $50-billion quarter!

Evans writes, “The folks over at statista.com have put together an eye-popping graphic that compares Apple’s fiscal-2012 profits with those of the top 5 companies in various industries. Not just Apple versus a single category leader, but Apple versus the top 5 companies in various industries.”

You will find more statistics at Statista

Evans writes, “The tech world is moving inexorably toward new approaches to optimizing the power of hardware and software together, and Apple’s astonishing success on so many levels offers powerful and enduring proof that will be very difficult—if not impossible—to refute.”

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