“Kristin Paget — formerly known as Chris Paget — now works on Apple’s security team,” Robert McMillan reports for Wired. “Just over five years ago, she was part of a small team of elite hackers brought in by Microsoft to lock down Windows Vista.”

“Reached via e-mail, Paget confirmed that she is now an Apple employee, but referred all questions to Apple’s public relations group. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on Paget,” McMillan reports. “Until this past summer, Paget had been chief hacker at Recursion Ventures, a company that specializes in hardware security. When she left in July, she said she was looking for a break from bug-finding, hoping to find a job that involved building ‘security-focused hardware.'”

McMillan reports, “Paget made headlines in 2010 when she built her own cellphone-intercepting base station at the Defcon hacker conference. Back then, Paget was known as Chris. She switched genders last year. Although Paget said she was ‘total Unix head’ — and expressed a dislike of Windows during her 2011 Black Hat talk — she didn’t have anything to say about Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Complete the sentence: Hiring somebody who “locked down” Vista for your security team is like…