“Apple analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray talked about Apple’s tendency to cannibalize its own businesses and predicted that it would continue to do so,” Nicholas Carlson reports for The Business Insider. “He speculated that Apple is working on consumer robotics, wearable computers, 3D printing, consumable computers, and automated technology.”

“Here’s the other reason it’s safe to assume Apple is quietly working on the destruction of its most massive business, the iPhone,” Carlson reports. “Just like Google and Microsoft, Apple is working on computerized glasses.”

Carlson reports, “Computerized glasses, are, at the moment, the technology that is most likely to bring the smartphone era to an end… We have the rough schematics of Apple’s project.
They’ve been publicly available on the US Patent Office’s Web site since this summer, when they were noticed by several Apple-watching websites. In the patent filing, Apple calls the gadgeta ‘head-mounted display’ or ‘HMD.'”

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