“In a recent study on Windows 8 crapware, tech news site InformationWeek polled PC makers to see what software they were bundling into their computers,” Don Reisinger reports for MIT Technology Review. “The vendors were surprisingly forthright, detailing the many first- and third-party programs added to their PCs.”

Reisinger reports, “Crapware has long been a thorn in the sides of Windows users. Consumers and enterprise users buy PCs under the faulty impression that they’ll be getting a completely clean computer when they break open the box. Instead, they find a PC that’s been loaded up with junk that they typically don’t need. What’s worse, all of that software slows down boot times and performance, since the programs are usually set to load automatically and typically run in the background.”

“Microsoft is nice enough to offer a ‘Signature’ experience to Windows shoppers that improves boot times and increases shut down speeds. Best of all, the company removes all trialware before shipping PCs to customers,” Reisinger reports. “But like anything else in the land of crapware, there’s a catch: Microsoft charges $99 for Signature.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Platform o’ Crap.

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