“The iPad will prove to be the most disruptive consumer product, ever, since the iPod,” Darcy Travlos writes for Forbes.

“(Note: Both created by Apple.) The iPad is not just a mere a stop along the spectrum between smartphone and laptop,” Travlos writes. “Rather, its particular combination of features – screen size, mobility, portability of the form factor, and Internet connectivity – propels the iPad in use cases, beyond any product previously.”

Travlos writes, “Here are eight reasons why the iPad, early yet in its product cycle, will serve as an ongoing catalyst for Apple over the next several years.”

Eight reasons why Apple’s iPad will continue to dominate the tablet market:

• The iPad proved itself as an E-Commerce channel this Black Friday
• The iPad is an effective channel to promote products and to convert visitors to customers
• Tablets are the consumer electronic product of choice this Holiday Season, and iPad leads the list among those surveyed
• The iPad is the tablet of choice in China. (And that’s a big market.)
• The iPad is experiencing unprecedented adoption in the education market
• The iPad is being deployed across the enterprise market
• The iPad has the potential to dominate the tablet industry as the iPod still leads the MP3 market
• The iPad is profitable

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