“After two months of limited supply, a pair of analysts wrote Thursday morning that most customers can now walk into an Apple store to buy an iPhone 5,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“‘Based on our nightly checks and calls to 20 US Apple Stores, we believe the iPhone 5 has finally reached a point where consumers can walk into an Apple Store and walk out with a phone,’ wrote Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray in a report,” Gallagher reports. “Glen Yeung of Citi agreed, noting that the iPhone 5 was ‘widely available’ in 92% of the 50 Apple stores his team surveyed. He said his finding ‘adds to our confidence in the quarter.'”

Gallagher reports, “However, the iPad mini that went on sale earlier this month may be harder to find. Yeung wrote that some ‘yield issues could be resolved by year-end.'”

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