“Tech-savvy drivers who miss conversing with ‘Siri,’ the chatty electronic assistant built into newer Apple iPhones, are about to get a big assist from General Motors,” Chris Woodyard reports for USA Today.

“Drivers will be able to continue their chats with voice-activated Siri behind the wheel in order to perform the same tasks that they usually do on their smartphone, from checking sports scores to phoning friends,” Woodyard reports. “Only now, they will be able perform those functions while keeping their eyes on the road at all times.”

Woodyard reports, “”Siri in Eyes Free mode’ will be available in the Spark and Sonic well before the luxury brands,’ says Cristi Landy, Chevrolet’s marketing director for small cars, in a statement… Siri is found on Apple 4S and 5 iPhones. But even those still stuck in the dial-phone age are likely to know the Siri function from a blizzard of Apple print and TV ads. On TV commercials, the Siri function is demonstrated in by hip actors like Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson who ask it to play particular songs or help with a recipe.”

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