Eight months ago, after 22 years of using a Windows PC as his primary work machine, Eric Knorr publicly declared he would switch to the Mac.

“Looking back over my eight months as a full-time Mac user, one thing stands out: OS X and Windows have borrowed so much from each other that the transition was anticlimactic. Sure, the Command key and menu bar took a while to feel natural, but I wasn’t a total Mac newbie, so it wasn’t hard,” Eric Knorr writes for InfoWorld. “Of course, I found lots of things to like, from the Dock to iCloud to Spotlight search to Time Machine to the lovely Cover Flow view in the Finder.”

Knorr writes, “As a public service to Windows emigrants like myself, I am obligated to list all these annoyances while they’re still fresh in my mind.”

8 cranky complaints about the Mac from longtime Windows sufferer:

• Microsoft Office for the Mac: The worst problem with the Mac in business is Microsoft’s fault.

MacDailyNews Take: Okay, Microsoft’s fault, not Apple’s.

• Switching windows within apps: Sounds trivial, but it kills me that I can’t flip through every open Outlook email message with Command-Tab (that switches me from app to app only). I discovered that Command-`(the Accent key under Esc) will switch among windows within apps — but it doesn’t always work.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, Microsoft’s fault, not Apple’s.

• Obscure Multi-Touch trackpad gestures

MacDailyNews Take: Every gesture beyond pointing is obscure until you learn it. Not Apple’s fault.

• No Apple docking stations:There are third-party MacBook docking stations, but my company won’t touch ’em.

MacDailyNews Take: Your company’s fault, not Apple’s.

• Cost of Apple peripherals

MacDailyNews Take: You get what you pay for.

• Complicated keyboard shortcuts:Command-Shift-Control-3 to capture a screen to the clipboard? The Office shortcuts are worse…

MacDailyNews Take: Puleeze. And, again, Microsoft excretes Office, not Apple.

• Who made the eject button a keyboard button? I’ve come to hate the sound of the optical drive ejecting a disc.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve honestly never mistakenly hit that button… and optical drives are dead.

• iTunes: This clunky, aggressive relic blew past its freshness date years ago. (Although a new version is supposedly due any minute now, so I may have to eat my words.)

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MacDailyNews Take: That these are the eight “complaints” of a longtime Windows sufferer who’s finally upgraded to the Mac, should tell Windows-only sufferers all they need to know and remind all of us Mac users just how good we have it!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “CognativeDisonance” for the heads up.]