“The ‘recomplicated’ Windows [8/RT] hands the Cupertino company an intriguing opportunity,” Jean-Louis Gassée writes for Monday Note. “They can capitalize on Microsoft’s misstep, extend a welcoming hand to the Windows users who intend to switch to Apple, and make the iPad the sine qua non of what a Post-PC device should be. (I use the ‘Post-PC’ moniker for lack of a better one. For me, it doesn’t stand for the end of the PC but for its broadening into three instances: classic, tablet, smartphone.)”

“Now that all OS X and iOS software is under one hat, Craig Federighi‘s, perhaps we can expect these [current] workflow speed bumps to be ironed out. Multiple concurrent applications, a document store that’s common to all apps,” Gassée writes. “This is Apple’s opportunity: Stick to its guns, keep laptops and tablets clearly distinct, but make iPads easier to love by business users. The comparison between a worst-of-both-worlds Surface hybrid and the iPad would be no contest. iPad mini for media consumption, everywhere; iPad for business and everything else.”

Gassée writes, “Apple can finish the job [former Microsoft Windows honcho Steven] Sinofsky started.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steven Sinofsky? Puleeze. Apple is going to finish what Steven Jobs started.