“Google has nearly completed work on a new version of Google Maps for the iPhone. Citing sources familiar with Google’s plans, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google is now field testing the app outside of Google. It should soon be ready for Google to submit to Apple for approval,” Eric Zeman writes for Informationweek. “Apple replaced Google Maps with its own mapping product. Embarrassingly for Apple, Apple Maps has been a complete failure.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bald-faced lie.

“Traditionally, Apple has disliked apps and services that compete with the iPhone’s (or iPad’s) native software and services. For years, it wouldn’t allow competitive apps in the app store. It has relaxed that policy a bit,” Zeman writes. “For example, iPhone users can use alternate email applications (including Google’s Gmail app), alternate browsers (including Google’s Chrome app), and alternate cloud syncing services (including Google’s Drive app).”

MacDailyNews Take: Nice examples. Google shill much?

Zeman writes, “Denying Google Maps at this point would be opposite of everything Apple is already doing. It would be an obvious move against a competitor. It would make Apple look petty and pathetic in the eyes of many. Apple can’t say no.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: But, wait, isn’t Apple already seen as “petty and pathetic in the eyes of many” (idiots) for going to court to protect against the blatant, outright theft of their patented intellectual property?

Apple can say no and does routinely, yet we agree they’ll likely approve a Google Maps app, if it’s submitted, but not to look magnanimous. It’ll be a popular app for those who download apps (the number of people who don’t download apps is larger than most people think).

In the end, an app is just an app. Apple’s efficient, vector graphics-based Maps is the default, it’s intertwined with iOS, by far the world’s most profitable mobile operating system, and Apple’s Maps APIs are the ones that developers will be using going forward.

Apple’s Maps are the future. Google Maps are the past.

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