“Faced with quarter after quarter of sluggish sales, PC manufacturers have been pining for a savior that just hasn’t materialized,” Brad Chacos reports for LAPTOP Magazine.

“This year, it’s Windows 8′s turn to try out the hero role, but a recent Avast survey of 135,329 U.S. Windows users suggests that Microsoft’s operating system doesn’t hold the allure OEMs hope it does: 42 percent of all Americans in the hunt for a new computer say they’ll be picking up an Apple product,” Chacos reports.

Chacos reports, “12 percent of will-be buyers are considering a move to Apple’s desktop solution. The iPad is the big draw, with 30 percent of respondents planning to snag an iOS tablet… Those are huge numbers for Apple. The figures drop a bit internationally, with 7 percent of buyers eyeing a Mac and 21 percent eyeing an iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We love it when a plan comes together.

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