“Computer processors keep on shrinking, which improves their power and reduces their energy needs and costs. In the not too distant future, this means full PC power in your mobile phone, which could be seamless from your tablet/PC experience,” Shareholders Unite write for Seeking Alpha. “However, we’re not there yet, and there are awkward trade-offs and compromises involving different types of processors and operating systems in the meantime…. Apple (AAPL) is best positioned to eliminate these trade-offs and compromises and arrive first at a unified computing platform.”

“Apple ould have a serious headstart here. Take not of the fact that according to Bloomberg, Apple is seriously considering ditching Intel processors in favor of ARM based ones even for its iMacs,” Shareholders Unite write. “With the coming 64-bit architecture for the ARM based platform, memory limits (the 32-bit chips limit RAM to 4GB) will be a thing of the past. Apple has a long-standing relation with ARM going back to the 1980s and at one stage owned over 40% of the company. Moving to ARM based chips would give Apple, which has heavily invested in chip design capabilities lately, more freedom to design chips according to its own specifications, giving it a leg up versus the competition… Apple pays under $20 for its A6 processor, compare that to Intel processors, a low end Core i3 starts at $117.”

Shareholders Unite write, “Apple could be moving to a single operating system, combined with its own designed chips that go into every Apple device. This would not only give the company a unified space for mobile, tablets, and PC’s, it would create a seamless consumer experience, and doing so at a significant cost advantage… Apple’s lead could be difficult to overcome, at least in the consumer space.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple already has built the dominant computing platform. Apple is, by far, the #1 computer maker on earth.

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