“Well, well. The ‘Slingshot’ is working overtime. This article [series was begun] about a month ago with Apple’s (AAPL) stock trading at $600 and things have gotten worse for Apple’s shareholders,” Tradevestor writes for Seeking Alpha. “Yes, it does get repetitive to have the same story told over and over but as of this writing, the stock is trading at $[$524]. And with that many new milestones have been achieved.”

“Welcome yo the 2% yield, Apple. Yes, Apple is the latest stock to cross the 2% yield that many investors and funds wait for,” Tradevestor writes. “At $530, Apple’s annual dividend of $10.65 gives it an exact 2% yield. With a low payout ratio of about 24% and that huge cash pile, this is perhaps just the beginning of the good times for dividend investors with Apple.”

“Apple’s PE has dropped below 12 for one of the very few times over the past 5 years,” Tradevestor writes. “The current dip happens to be the 3rd instance that the PE is below 12 and if history is any indicator, the 6 month returns are going to be huge as well for ones who stick or even buy here. This can be explained because Apple’s fiscal Q1 and Q2 have been the best quarters for the stock. Q3 and Q4 usually go side ways and present great buying dips.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]