“Cloud storage and file-syncing service SugarSync today announced the launch of SugarSync 2.0 in public beta, a big step forward in its battle against Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive,” Ellis Hamburger reports for The Verge.

“SugarSync has always been a feature-rich app, but 2.0 is a leap forward in a key area where it’s always been lacking: accessible design,” Hamburger reports. “‘We got feedback that SugarSync was the most powerful [syncing solution], but not that it was the easiest to use,’ CEO Laura Yecies told The Verge, so the company focused largely on designing a simple desktop app for the last year and a half… Aside from a minimalist and centralized new design, the app’s best new feature is SugarSync Drive — a virtual drive mounted on your computer that lets you access every file stored in SugarSync.”

Hamburger reports, “SugarSync’s desktop app is finally simple enough for the average person to understand, but to beat Dropbox, it’ll have to have all three pieces of the puzzle: simple and accessible design, a thorough understanding of syncing files, and integration with its users’ favorite apps.”

Much more in the full article, including screenshots, here.