“When I started to review Illustrator I was charmed by the ability to draw in perspective, create strokes with alternating thickness, the shape builder tool, the new image tracing capabilities, pattern creation, the ability to apply gradients on strokes, and last but by no means least: Illustrator’s performance,” Erik Vlietinck reports for IT Enquirer.

“The first thing that I would like to cover is Illustrators new interface. The interface is now dark, supports multiple workspaces, and overall just looks better,” Vlietinck reports. “The best part of it is that you can edit the names of layers, styles, and swatches directly in the control panel. And that the character panel shows glyphs that previously required multiple clicks to access. What I also found better about Illustrator’s CS6′s user interface is that you can control the background’s grey value to make it match the look of your tools or contrast your design.”

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Vlietinck reports, “The most spectacular improvement I found was image trace. Since Illustrator CS3 I can remember having traced images from photographs and other bitmap images. I always was mildly annoyed by the complexity of the conversion from bitmap to vector. In CS6 I found image trace to be as accurate as it gets. It’s also a lot faster.”

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