“Thorsten Heins, the chief executive of Research in Motion, tells his employees, developers and customers that BlackBerry 10, the company’s new phones and the software platform running them, is a very big bet for RIM,” Ian Austen reports for The New York Times. “If it catches on, he has saved the company.”

“In a meeting with New York Times editors and reporters, he expressed his confidence. ‘I don’t expect things to get much worse,’ he said,” Austen reports. “It was clear from the presentation that the final versions of the phone, which will have its debut on Jan. 30, will not introduce any significant hardware innovations. It has the rectangular slab look of smartphones already on the market… According to earlier announcements by Mr. Heins, RIM is also making a model with a physical keyboard.”

Austen reports, “Mr. Heins said that the new phone’s advantages will be so apparent to customers that it will take only ‘a one-minute sales pitch in a shop’ to win them over.”

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