“In this feature, we explore the ten things we think Apple could do to OS X that would make it a better operating system as we – presumably – move towards the 11th version of Mac OS,” Craig Grannell writes via TechRadar.

“However, some of these enhancements could, of course, appear in OS X 10.9 and so this feature could equally be called OS X 10.9: what we’d like to see,” Grannell writes. “We’ve included changes to existing features, entirely new ideas and the return of some old favourites, plus the opinions of two interface experts.”

Top 10 most-wanted features for OS XI:

Make a better Finder: The heart of OS X’s interface is in dire need of a makeover
• Dismantle iTunes: It’s time for this Jack of all trades to be master of some
• Revamp the desktop: Why not make the desktop more like a real desktop
Add more color
• Enhance Spotlight
Enhance full-screen mode: You’ve given it to us, now make it work properly
Give us a media center: Bring back Front Row – or preferably something better
Revert to ‘Save As’
• Improve sound controls

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