“All signs point to 2013 being a big year for Apple and software,” Jay Yarow writes for Business Insider.

“Think about what has happened to Apple since September,” Yarow writes. “On the product side, it released a new iPhone, a new iPad, an iPad Mini, a new iMac, new iPods, and a new laptop, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. On the executive side, there was a major shuffle, with Scott Forstall, the former leader of iOS pushed out. In his place, Craig Federighi with take over iOS, in addition to OSX. Jony Ive, who previously led hardware design will lead the look and feel of Apple’s software.”

“In the press release announcing the moves, Apple titled its release, ‘Apple Announces Changes to Increase Collaboration Across Hardware, Software & Services.’ Astute Apple blogger John Gruber believes that’s the plain truth. Apple made the executive changes so Apple’s various divisions would work more closely,” Yarow writes. “Forstall was said to be a divisive figure who didn’t play nice with everyone else. By removing him, all the divisions can work together more easily.”

Yarow writes, “On Twitter, Sammy The Walrus IV notes, ‘Logic (if there is such a thing) would point to 2013 being all about iOS with only minor changes to Apple hardware.'”

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