“The photographer behind the iPhone photograph that graced the cover of TIME Magazine this month has said that Apple’s smartphone camera gives the advantage of being able to instantly share images, and that it’s not the equipment that determines the quality of a photograph, it’s the photographer’s mind,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK.

“Ben Lowy is a ‘conflict photographer,’ travelling to Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq to capture the dramatic scenes taking place there, and, more recently, to the US during Hurricane Sandy,” Allsopp reports. “Often, Lowy uses just his iPhone 4S combined with some photo editing apps and external battery packs to produce his images.”

Allsopp reports, “Lowy says that he takes two iPhones (one as a backup) and Mophie Juice Packs for an extra battery boost, and a Manfrotto LED light with him on assignments. To edit his photos, Lowy uses iOS apps Hipstamatic and Snapseed, and he uses Instagram to get his pictures to TIME when he is working with them.”

TIME Magazine cover shot with iPhone 4S

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