“I love my iPad, but I have long grumbled about its weight. When you pick up a 10″ iPad, you know you have picked it up,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “At 651 grams, it’s a hefty device. I’ve always found it a bit too heavy for reading…”

“I use my iPad for consuming media and playing games, not for creating. The larger display doesn’t add anything for me, and the extra weight makes it a bit of a drag,” McElhearn writes. “When I got my iPad mini yesterday (which finally has a 7.9″ screen), I realized that this is the iPad I had been waiting for all along.”

McElhearn writes, “Not only is it smaller and lighter, but it’s thinness makes it feel like a total different device. The lack of heft means that you pick it up easily, with less strain and gravitas than the heavier iPad. At 304 grams, it’s less than half the weight of the full-sized iPad… I will gladly predict that the iPad mini will become the standard iPad, and that, in the future, we’ll look back on the early full-sized iPads with a smirk, the way we look back at the first portable computers.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]