“Apple (AAPL) released its Form 10-K annual report Wednesday,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “To the key numbers summarized below we’ll add one more: Since the end of the company’s 2012 fiscal year in September, its shares have fallen $71.78 (10.8%).”

A few key numbers from P.E.D.’s full list (source: Apple Inc.’s 10-K form):

• Net sales: $156.5 billion, up from $108.2 billion
• Gross margin: 43.9%, up from 40.5%
• Cash and marketable securities: $121.25 billion, up from $81.57 billion
• Long term debt: $0.00

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MacDailyNews Take: Wall Street is a game. You either play it well and win, play it poorly and lose, or just cheer and/or jeer from the sidelines.