“Starting at $329, the iPad Mini [sic] is pricier than other mini tablets, but the product will still capture sales from lower-priced rivals, says J.P. Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“Though the price tag on Apple’s new tablet was substantially higher than J.P. Morgan’s estimate of $249, the features and specs were better than expected,” Whitney reports. “‘In our view, the larger screen size and iOS 6 capabilities of iPad Mini stand to be good enough to grab share from the $199 tablet crowd,’ Moskowitz said in an investors note released late yesterday.”

Whitney reports, “‘We think the iPad Mini, coupled with the 4th-gen iPad, underscores Apple’s accelerated refresh rate of important devices and software,’ Moskowitz said. ‘With the iPad Mini and the new 4th-gen iPad, we believe Apple does not plan to forgo the profitable parts of the lower-end segments in tablets.'”

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