“The Google versus Apple debate has never been more vibrant. Ever since both companies rose to dominance in 2007, we’ve seen countless investors, journalists and analysts take opposing sides on virtually every aspect of this war between the tech titans,” Andy Zaky writes for Fortune.

“But is there really a debate when it comes to investing? The short answer: Not based on the numbers there isn’t,” Zaky writes. “The financials, fundamentals, and valuation continue to fall squarely in Apple’s corner. Any level-headed investor would buy Apple over Google today, especially in light of Google’s recent unjustified parabolic rally to $770 a share just before it reported an epic miss on earnings.”

Zaky writes, “In 2009, Apple earned more than Google in net income for the first time in its history. Three years later, Apple reported three times as much in net income as Google. In 2013, Apple is expected to quadruple Google’s net income and report twice Google’s growth rate… If Apple merely just remained at this current price-level, it would have its entire market cap in cash over the next four years. If it collapsed as some believe that it will, the company would simply be able to take itself private. That’s why Apple continues to push higher, why it will continue to push higher and why it is clearly a much better investment opportunity than Google going into the next three years.”

Much more in the full article here.

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