“It now seems almost inevitable that Apple will unveil the iPad’s little brother at an event rumored to be held October 23,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for Forbes. “The petite tablet, widely expected to be called the iPad mini and feature a 7.85-inch display, has been one of the most rumored and speculated products.”

“But the $65,000 question — since we’re dealing with Apple maybe we need to add a few more zeros to that number — is whether people will buy it?” Kingsley-Hughes wonders. “The answer to this is likely to be an overwhelming yes. After all, we’ve not really seen Apple trip over its shoe laces for a long time. About the only product the company has released over the past few years that hasn’t been a wildfire success is the Apple TV set-top box.”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple TV outsold Xbox 360 in Q212. Apple is the world’s leading set top connected TV box vendor.

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “So, what would make you interested enough in an iPad mini to buy one on launch day? And what would it take for you to queue up to be one of the first to get your hands on one?”

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