“The so-called ‘iPad Mini’ is the Sasquatch of the gadget world,” Scott Stein reports for CNET. “Rumored for years, the smaller iPad looms ever closer to reality, with rumors of an imminent announcement and release ramping up nearly every day.”

Stein reports, “The gadget blogosphere, bolstered by a recent flurry of leaked photos and specs, seems to be taking the existence of the iPad Mini as an inevitability. But even assuming that the Mini is real — and that it’s coming soon — there are some key unknowns. Here are the biggest and most important ones.”

• How much will it cost?
• What is the name?
• What’s the screen resolution?
• What’s the storage capacity?
• What gets left out?
• Will there be candy colors?
• Could there be a killer accessory?

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