“Most of the year, I’m an Android user… But for about two months each year, I’m an iPhone and iPad tester, and that’s when I get horribly envious,” Sascha Segan writes for PC Magazine. “You see, it’s the apps.”

“After four years of intense competition, the quality and availability of leading third-party iPhone apps still beats Android, even though Android phones have much greater market share. We’ve seen it in study after study: more people own Android phones, but developers prefer iOS. Apple’s phones are easier to develop for, with less fragmentation, less piracy, and a higher rate of developers getting paid for their efforts,” Segan writes. “Apple’s curated approach to the App Store may be annoying for many, but it makes browsing and searching a lot easier than Google’s perpetually undermonitored Play store. And there’s just more there. Recently I’ve been looking for games: Disney Fairies Fly (for my daughter) and SpellTower (for myself), for instance. Nope. Gameloft has 161 iPhone apps versus 48 Android apps. EA publishes 106 iPhone apps and 27 Android apps. Glu, 70 iPhone apps and 40 Android apps.”

“Even when apps come to Android, it’s often months or years after they debut on iPhone,” Segan writes. “iPhone apps tend to look better, too. Take CNN’s app as an example. On Android, it’s perfectly functional. But the iPhone app has slightly larger images, a prettier background, and time stamps on the stories. Looking at something like the Facebook app, which has the same functionality on both platforms, explains a bit of the difference. The iPhone’s fonts are tighter, more precise and better kerned. White-on-gray number badges are a little bolder, and there’s a better balance between icon and text size… Apple’s killer app, so to speak, is its delightful, unmatched SDK. Apple gives developers the tools to make beautiful apps easily, and then to make money off of them… iPhone developers just have fewer targets to write for, so they can focus on fit and finish rather than on generating and testing 50 different versions of code and images for different screens and processors. I’m not sure how Android can pull ahead given that handicap.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Segan never explains why he continues settle for less than the best. (Maybe he thinks he wants a “smartphone” with a 6-inch screen that features insecure NFC that nobody uses and access to malware-infested app marketplaces?) Perhaps when his contract ends, he’ll realize that life is short, you only live once, and he’ll treat himself to a real iPhone for a change.

There’s no need to settle for inferior wares. In build-quality alone, an iPhone 5 is to the “best” Fragmandroid phone as a Rolex is to a Fisher Price toy watch, but they all cost pretty much the same price!

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