“The launch of the iPad Mini is a key moment in the corporate history of Apple,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “More than the iterative iPhone 5, the smaller form factor of the likely 7.85 inch tablet is the first new product line to be helmed fully by CEO Tim Cook. This is the moment where Cook will step out of the shadow of Steve Jobs to show what a Cook’ed Apple will look like.”

MacDailyNews Note: There’s no proof that Jobs did not have significant input into the iPad mini. Apple’s product development time is measured in years, not months.

“There are five key areas around the launch of the iPad Mini which will give a good indication of Apple’s future direction,” Spence writes. “What stats has Cook rolled under allure, aggression, acknowledgement, agility, and affection, and why are they important?”

• Allure: Tim Cook’s Distortion Field
• Aggression: Pricing Will Determine Cook’s Strategy
• Acknowledgement: Maps Wasn’t Apple’s Finest Hour
• Agility: Everybody Look Under Your Seats
• Affection: Is Apple’s New Focus On Flair Or Figures?

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