“Senior Taiwanese officials have been under scrutiny for the smartphones they use — specifically whether they support Taiwan’s HTC Corp., which plays a big role the island’s high-tech economy,” The Associated Press reports.

“Hu Yu-wei, the information minister and government spokesman, stirred up controversy Sunday for posting a picture of an iPhone 5 on his Facebook page,” AP reports. “‘Help the economy and bolster consumption,’ Hu wrote under the picture showing the Apple handset’s black case with its telltale icon.”

“He was immediately blasted by the media and on the Internet,” AP reports. “‘Can you imagine the South Korean government spokesman speaking out for iPhone 5 on his Facebook page?’ asked the mass circulation United Daily News. It noted that President Ma Ying-jeou is a big HTC fan and gives out HTC handsets as gifts for foreign dignitaries.”

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MacDailyNews Take: U.S. President Barack Obama is stil sporting an antiquated Canadian-made RIM BlackBerry, rather than supporting homegrown Apple Inc. and using a vastly superior iPhone 5.

As we wrote years ago: Should the U.S. President be using an inferior foreign-made* device… when a superior device has been created by a U.S. company?** It seems logical that the U.S. President should be supporting U.S. companies…

*However benign that soil may be. We love Canucks. We’re just sayin…

**Yes, iPhones are assembled in China like nearly everything else on the planet. However, the bulk of the profits stays in the U.S., in the hands of a unique and valuable U.S. company with 32,000 employees, not sent off to another country.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]

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