“A group of engineers who previously worked at Apple and NASA created an $11,111 coffee maker that measures the liquid’s heat as it brews to maintain the “perfect” temperature,” Susanna Kim reports for ABC News.

“Blossom Coffee company is the brainchild of coffee fan, Jeremy Kuempel, and two colleagues,” Kim reports. “Kuempel is an MIT engineering graduate who previously worked on Apple’s iPad and at electric-car maker Tesla.”

Kim reports, “The company debuted its first luxury product at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt Conference earlier this month and is taking pre-orders for about 10 of the Blossom One Limited, which are intended for commercial use and will be available in the spring, the company said. The Blossom One Limited is about the size of a traditional desktop computer, measuring 7 inches wide. So far, restaurants, cafes and private individuals have inquired about owning one.”

The Blossom One Limited coffee maker

The Blossom One Limited coffee maker

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