“Now that Apple has released its iPhone 5, investors and Apple enthusiasts will soon begin looking to Apple’s next product launch. Many speculate this will be the ‘iPad Mini,'” Christopher Witrak reports for Minyanville.

“What Apple watchers seem fairly confident about is a launch sometime before the end of this year, though Apple has not confirmed this. At the end of last month, AllThingsD published an article confidently stating that the iPad Mini will debut in October according to ‘several sources,'” Witrak writes. “As for the price, the numbers making their way around the Web are between $249 and $299 for a 16GB iPad Mini. This price would allow it to compete directly with low cost tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD priced at $199 and the Google’s current Nexus 7 priced at $199.”

Witrak reports, “Ewan Spencer of Forbes expects Apple to release a $299 entry-level iPad Mini with 16GB of storage and Wi-Fi connectivity as an option. He reached this guess based on the the specifications announced for the reworked 32GB iPod touch, which he believes ‘is almost a blueprint for an iOS powered tablet.’ Since Apple likes to have clear price brands, he projects a 32GB version will cost $399 and a 64GB versions will cost $499.”

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