“We want to like RIM. We want a turnaround for a company that, perhaps more than any other technology firm, was responsible for the development of the modern smartphone. It’s also really hard to be mad at Canadians for very long,” Damon Poeter reports for PC Magazine. “But RIM isn’t helping matters when it decides to create a cringe-worthy, tech jargon-littered remake of a popular song, just like that famous pair of button-down bankers did with U2’s ‘One’ several years ago.”

“As with the BofA version of ‘One,’ RIM’s tweak of ‘Keep on Loving You’ [REO Speedwagon] is made more awful due to the fact that technically, it doesn’t actually suck,” Poeter writes. “On the contrary, the singing is quite capable, the musicians can all play their instruments competently, and the song sounds pretty much like the song is supposed to sound—if you blank out the lyrics, that is.”

Poeter writes, “If these were really execrable, bad-night-at-the-Karaoke-bar types of performances, they’d almost be more forgivable. Instead, the talent of performers makes it that much more jarring that they’d squander it by transforming songs about universal human circumstances into vehicles for the most banal sort of corporate messaging.”

Read more, and see the BofA video, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]