“Now that CNET‘s verdict is in about the iPhone 5 and preorders are through the roof, you might want to consider how important a carrier is in terms of overall user experience, if you’re even remotely eyeing the device for yourself,” Lynn La reports for CNET.

“While Cricket Wireless and the regional carrier, C Spire, will offer the iPhone 5 starting September 28, it’ll be sold under the major carriers — AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint — starting September 21,” La reports. “Each of these three networks have different plans, prices, and bundles, with Sprint being the only one with a full unlimited plan. However, with all the little nuanced phone plans offered by these companies, it can get confusing for those of you who are free agents looking for a new carrier contract to sign.”

La reports, “To make it a bit clearer, we broke down some of the basic but important facts worth considering when shopping for the new iPhone.”

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