“Carriers are beginning to ship the iPhone 5 to customers, at least in the US,” Electronista reports.

“One example is Verizon, which is sending out notifications to people who preordered in time for a September 21st delivery,” Electronista reports. “Some orders could potentially arrive early, but Apple is normally strict about ensuring that couriers hold iPhones until their official launch date.”

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BGR has a gallery of what they’re trumpeting as the “EXCLUSIVE World’s first iPhone 5 unboxing.” It is unknown if this is an early delivery in the U.S. or a unit spirited out of China by other means. See it here.

MacDailyNews Note: We have been tracking our iPhone 5 shipments – ordered from Verizon Wireless within the first minute of online ordering on September 14th – and the units are currently within 300 miles of our shipping destination (in a bordering U.S. state) and marked “Future Delivery Requested” in the FedEx notes. For our units’ estimated delivery, FedEx quotes: “Sep 21, 2012 by 3:00 PM.”

If we get ours early, we’ll certainly let you know!