“iMessage went down again today,” Steve Kovach reports for The Business Insider. “Yes, again. Beyond annoying.”

“Whenever an iMessage fails to send, it doesn’t always send as a regular text message automatically. There’s no alert to tell me something went wrong, so I often don’t realize my message never went through,” Kovach reports. So why do I use iMessage if it stinks so much? Well, because it’s turned on by default. And a lot of my friends and family members have iPhones that have iMessage turned on by default. So we’re all kind of stuck in this death-loop of missed messages. And there’s next to nothing I can do about it.”

Kovach reports, “What’s the point of iMessage nowadays? Most carrier plans give you unlimited texting by default. Easy. In short, I see zero advantages to using iMessage over normal texting.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You know, Apple, certain things need to be reliable – rock solid reliable – and absolutely nothing we’ve seen from you over many years now (iTools, .Mac, Mail, MobileMe, iDisk, iCloud) indicates that you’re capable of devising such an online service, regardless of how much money you have to throw at these projects.

Free or paid services, Steve Jobs or Tim Cook as CEO, it doesn’t seem to matter, your online “services” are always somewhat of a crapshoot.

You routinely promise us that “it just works.” So, after 10+ years of umpteen online “services” that don’t, how about you finally deliver or just stop lying?

Since you obviously need it, here’s a hint: Get someone with a brain in there who can finally do the job or just stop trying to do things you obviously can’t handle.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42″ for the heads up.]