YouTuber “tony stew” has posted a video entitled, “Official iPhone 5 Promo Video September 12 2012.”

We’ve embedded it below.

The video claims certain design characteristics (unibody construction, glass cutouts, etc.), device measurements (4.6 ounces, 7.6 mm, etc.), specs (A6 processor, 1GB RAM, etc.) and often does so in Apple-esque ways (note how the width animates down to 7.6mm – it seems like something Apple would produce). In other places, however, the video doesn’t seem as kosher (The text “Antenna at top and bottom with glass cutout RF windows,” for one example, seems too wordy and clunky for Apple to have produced).

What do you think?

MacDailyNews Take: One glaring issue, among others, that we have with it is the music, it just doesn’t seem like a piece that Apple would use.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]