“Over the last 10 days, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia announced new smartphones ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5 event on Wednesday,” Darcy Travlos writes for Forbes. “Amongst the three, the bar has been set high for Apple, and attention has been drawn to certain features that have become the de rigueur for smartphones.”

“Nokia introduced the Lumia 920… Motorola introduced, at its high end, the Droid RAZR Maxx HD… Samsung kicked off the new product announcements with its Galaxy Note II… Amongst the three, Nokia appears to win on ‘nuance’ or media features with its image-stabilization camera, new music offering, and WP 8 layout,” Travlos writes. “Samsung appears to win on ‘brawn’ with its quad-core processor, fairly large battery and latest of the Android operating systems. Motorola appears in the squeeze position of ‘caught in the middle.’ Combined, the three have laid down some attractive products with features that Apple will want to address.”

Based on these new phones:
• Apple should increase the battery size on the iPhone 5, substantially
• Apple should announce an alternative to NFC, if it does not include NFC
• Apple should provide an improvement over its existing camera technology
• Apple should wow the audience with a new form factor
• If Apple changes the charger, it should be more convenient

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jaribbs” for the heads up.]