“Apple generates the vast majority of its revenue from hardware sales, not software. If the next piece of hardware bombs, Apple takes a hit. If the piece of hardware after that bombs, Apple takes another hit and we might have a trend. And so on,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“Without useful and beautiful hardware that people want to mix business and pleasure with, Apple dies,” Pendola writes. “Or maybe the devices remain useful and beautiful, but, for one reason or another, people no longer want to buy them. Same outcome: a fall from greatness.”

Pendola writes, “Amazon just disrupted the competitive landscape. In fact, it provided an Apple succession plan: Amazon unseats Apple as the dominant force in tech and related spaces. At several points over the last year, Apple stopped dictating the rules of engagement. As a result, Amazon will unseat Apple this decade as America’s premier company, without being No. 1 in market share for any device. It doesn’t even have to make money on hardware sales… Wall Street loves stable, well-oiled machines that don’t miss. It will run AMZN to $1,000 on confident anticipation of a dynasty by the end of the decade.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed for the moment when and if AAPL or AMZN first hit $1,000.