“Apple Inc. lost a bid to delay Samsung Electronics Co.’s request to lift a preliminary ban on U.S. sales of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 computer until after a judge considers Apple’s request to bar some products permanently,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for BLoomberg.

“U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, today denied Apple’s request to reschedule the Dec. 6 hearing for a permanent ban on U.S. sales of eight Samsung mobile devices ahead of a Sept. 20 hearing on Samsung’s request to lift a preliminary sales ban on the Galaxy tablet. Apple argued in a court filing that its request is ‘more urgent’ than Samsung’s,” Rosenblatt reports. “In her opinion today, Koh said she previously disagreed with arguments Apple made in court filings, ‘and no change in facts or the law has changed the court’s opinion.'”

Rosenblatt reports, “Koh also cited Apple’s indication that it may seek to broaden the scope of Samsung products it wants banned in a permanent injunction as a reason not to change the hearing dates.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Take your time, Lucy. We wouldn’t want you to strain yourself.

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