“Dropbox has announced a major update to its pre-release Experimental Edition backup and sync software,” Nick Peers reports for BetaNews. “Dropbox Experimental Edition 1.5.27 has been rebuilt using Python 2.7 (the current stable build, Dropbox 1.4.17, is based on Python 2.5).”

“Version 1.5.27 includes a number of major new features, largely aimed at OS X users,” Peers reports. “1.5.27 comes with new icons that promise Retina support. It’s also bundled with a new, simpler installer — just double-click to install. There’s support for Mountain Lion’s new Notification Center, and a fix for the delay when bringing up the context menu.”

Peers reports, “As this is the first release of a major new build, Dropbox is keen to stress that issues will arise, and recommends all users intending to install Dropbox Experimental Edition should back up the contents of their Dropbox folders before installing it.”

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