“Samsung Electronics is moving to fight back against Apple by strengthening its partnerships with American mobile carriers to develop new technologies to get away from the U.S. firm’s claims on design,” Kim Yoo-chul reports for The Korea Times. “The world’s biggest smartphone maker is in talks with major telecom carriers on Apple’s home-turf such as Verizon Wireless about modified designs in Samsung Galaxy devices. It is also closely partnering with Microsoft (MS) to cut its dependency on Google Android, according to officials Wednesday.”

“On the legal front, its lawyers are making preparations to counter nearly every patent issue which nine jurors found in favor of Apple,” Yoo-chul reports. “Officials said Samsung has been preparing ‘all measures for all scenarios’ to fight Apple in 50 patent disputes in 10 different countries.”

Yoo-chul reports, “Earlier, Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee granted full authority to Vice Chairman Choi Gee-sung to take charge of one of the biggest technology patent disputes in history… Lee was briefed about the details of the verdict by Choi, Tuesday. ‘The chairman calmed down and slightly closed his eyes after he was briefed. But he didn’t say anything further,’ another executive said. Choi, who is also the head of Samsung’s strategic planning office, wasn’t available for comment… Samsung confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology. LTE has been emerging as the top standard in the global mobile industry.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’re going to rattle your sabers, Samsung, it helps to have sabers to rattle. Utility patents aren’t going to cut it, slavish copier. FRAND.

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