“Last Friday, a nine-person jury found Samsung infringed several patents from Apple’s stable of smartphones and tablets. The jury ruled in favor of Apple, granting it nearly $1.05 billion in damages,” Emily Knapp writes for Wall St. Cheat Sheet. “A total of eight different Samsung phones were found to have infringed Apple’s patents, and Apple is seeking to immediately ban those devices from being sold in the U.S.”

MacDailyNews Note: Actually, 28 Samsung devices received findings of infringement, but Apple decided to only going after an injunction on eight of them. Apple reserves all rights regarding a permanent injunction, but has tailored their list to address a portion of the immediate, ongoing irreparable harm that Apple is suffering. Sufferring that isn’t going to stop anytime soon, thanks to an incompetent judge who is thwarting the will of the people with an inordinately extended and irreparable harmful delay.

Knapp writes, “U.S. Federal Judge Lucy Koh has postponed the hearing for Apple’s request for an injunction against Samsung phones until December… The move to an early-December hearing means that, even if the judge decides to ban Samsung’s phones, they will by that time be outdated and sales will have slowed considerably. It also means that anyone wanting one of the infringing devices now has the opportunity to buy one before it is banned, which might temporarily boost sales for Samsung.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wanna hear an unfunny joke? Judge Lucy Koh.

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